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Round Table session on Solutions from the Netherlands for the cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses in India, organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and HortiTechIndia.

India currently finds itself at a crossroad where reforms and new technologies are required to achieve greater efficiency and productivity to feed the growing population. The Netherlands is a global leader in greenhouse cultivation and protected cropping, mastering productivity horticulture. HortiTechIndia consists of highly innovative Dutch companies and knowledge institutes operating in the horticulture sector. Together, we have the aim to collaborate with Indian partners to upgrade the quality of the Indian horticulture sector and thereby enhance productivity and profitability. This partnership will do so along the entire horticulture chain, from seeds to the end consumer, giving special attention to mid-tech solutions.

In this roundtable session we would like to discuss with you on the opportunities and needs of the Indian horticulture sector. Our aim is address, discuss and give solutions related to realizing successful closed cultivation in India, by providing knowledge and technology from the Netherlands to improve yield, product quality and safety. There will be specialists in the climate control in greenhouses, improved seeds, biological crop protection and growing from growbags, who are happy to learn from you as well as introduce themselves.

Agritech info round table