Let’s unlock Indian’s dairy potential

Together we can secure a healthy, prosperous and sustainable dairy production.

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Collective chain approach

India possesses an enormous, untapped potential in the dairy industry. The Dutch Dairy Cluster India (DDCI), a strategic partnership between Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and the government, aims to forge long-term partnerships with Indian stakeholders to unlock these vast capabilities.

Knowledge Exchange program

Knowledge Exchange program organized by RVO under PIB Dairy for Indian Entrepreneurs to visit NL and expose to Dutch Dairy Solutions.

Netherlands committed in building the Dairy sector in India by using good quality feed, genetics, helping in Animal Welfare and good processing machineries.

Our solutions

How can an Indian-Dutch dairy – Dutch dairy collaboration be beneficial to you?

  • Offering products and services of world-class quality.
  • Fostering partnerships with Indian players, based on the world-famous dairy reputation of the Netherlands that is built on cooperatives.
  • Sharing Dutch knowledge and approaches, attuned to the Indian market and context.
  • Complete chain approach of the dairy industry, leading to higher food-security, food-quality and profitability.
  • High quality R&D.
  • High-tech dairy chain inputs such as animal feed, genetics, herd management, hygienic conditions, machinery and professional training.
  • Solutions based on a coordinated approach, all expertise within the supply chain available leading to higher output.
  • Outstanding position in terms of circular approach that will help the Indian dairy sector with developing quickly.
  • A long-term orientation that is inclusive, sustainable and accessible.

Why team up?

Dairy producers all face similar challenges around animal welfare, farm profitability, food safety and work efficiency. Dutch Dairy Cluster India offers proven innovations for the whole chain – from pre-harvest to post-harvest – all tailored to the needs of the Indian dairy sector. This includes high-quality animals, breeding services, roughage and animal nutrition, herd management, agricultural machinery, farm and stable construction, milking machines, cooling and storage solutions, and dairy processing equipment. Our mutual ambition? Sharing knowledge, insights and technology to help you unlock Indian’s major dairy potential.

Why the Dutch?

Dairy is one of our most important agricultural sectors.The Netherlands is responsible for 5% of the world dairy trade. Our Gouda cheese and other high-quality dairy products are famous all over the world. Before becoming a leading country in dairy production, the Netherlands was confronted by the same challenges now facing India. However, through research and innovation, we have been able to build a sustainable dairy value chain.

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