Collective chain approach:

Together, India and the Netherlands can build a healthy, prosperous and sustainable dairy sector.

The Netherlands is known as the land of cheese lovers. Our Gouda cheese and other high-quality dairy products are famous all over the world. Dairy is one of our most important agricultural sectors. The dairy farming output constitutes almost one fifth of our total agricultural production. The per capita milk production is 751 kg. This output lies well above the world average of 105 kg/per capita and even above the world’s largest milk producer India, which produces 109 kg/per capita. Moreover, The Netherlands is responsible for 5% of the world dairy trade.

Dutch Dairy Cluster India
The Dutch Dairy Cluster India offers a complete chain approach for animal feed and health, cattle management, sustainable entrepreneurship and genetics. The Dutch consortium also provides technologically powered processing machinery and professional training to Indian organizations. This helps to secure production, increase profits and improve quality. Through cooperating with Dutch experts and companies, India can profit from the longstanding Dutch tradition in dairy farming and dairy processing. To achieve high-quality ‘made in India’ products, this expertise is always combined with local Indian knowledge.

How can the DDCI contribute to develop a profitable Indian dairy sector?
• Offering products and services of world-class quality.
• Fostering partnerships with Indian players, based on the world-famous dairy reputation of the Netherlands that is built on cooperatives.
• Sharing Dutch knowledge and approaches, attuned to the Indian market and context.
• Complete chain approach of the dairy industry, leading to higher food-security, food-quality and profitability.
• High quality R&D.
• High-tech dairy chain inputs such as animal feed, genetics, herd management, hygienic conditions, machinery and professional training.
• Solutions based on a coordinated approach, all expertise within the supply chain available leading to higher output.
• Outstanding position in terms of circular approach that will help the Indian dairy sector with developing quickly.
• A long-term orientation that is inclusive, sustainable and accessible.

Food quality assurance
The solutions provided by the Dutch dairy industry will help to overcome inefficiencies within and between the various parts of the milk value chain. Therefore, milk production will be optimized. This ensures profitability and sustainability for dairy farmers regarding their milk business. Following the strong growth of the dairy industry in India, the major challenges remain with regard to milk procurement and quality of milk. The presented solutions will benefit dairy farmers to ensure quality milk procurement and addressing the rising demand of milk and milk products. Eventually, this leads to food quality assurance and thereby a rise in profitability for Indian dairy farmers.