Improve yield, product quality and safety

Together we can secure sustainable, profitable food production.

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Collective chain approach

HortiTechIndia is a public-private partnership that offers greenhouse solutions for the entire Indian horticulture chain. Together, we have the aim to collaborate with Indian partners to upgrade the quality of the Indian horticulture sector and thereby enhance productivity and profitability.

Our solutions

Technology and Equipment
  • Greenhouse design
  • Business and operational support
  • Climate screens
  • Climate computers
  • Water storage
  • Seeds
  • Biological systems
  • Grow bags
  • Vocational Education
  • Training programs

Why team up?

* Increase production to feed a growing population
* Deliver nature friendly, safe and healthy products
* Develop localized solutions
* Improve storage and transport
* Reduce overuse of pesticides

Why the Dutch?

Providing knowledge and technology from the Netherlands to improve yield, product quality and safety of Indian fruit & vegetables.

HortiTech Partners