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Food safety in fruits and vegetables

As part of the PIB HTI which has been active in India for the past three years, the NL embassy, NVWA and FSSAI on 28 February organized a seminar about food safety in fruits and vegetables. To provide background information for this seminar a brochure was developed. This brochure will also serve as a basis to explore avenues for potential Indo-Dutch collaboration. [we can add URLs for the AOAC website & NVWA website]

During the session, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) explained that India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. FSSAI indicated that there is a lot of potential for NL expertise to improve the growing and conserving of fruits and vegetables, as well as reducing post-harvest losses and adulteration. Other speakers pointed to the risk of pathogens and chemical contaminants in fruits and vegetables, and explained policies such as India’s soon to be updated pesticide regulation and FSSAI’s Eat Right Movement. Experts pointed out that the small scale of production and thus the small amounts of produce that are aggregated several times hamper traceability and food safety. Other challenges include artificial ripening, artificial wax and organic produce and hygienic rating of mandis (rural markets). A shining example is the GrapeNet ISO-accredited pre-shipment inspection program, which is now also being developed for pomegranate, peanut and okra. Although the domestic scenario for India is different, a domestic field certification program for zero residue grapes is fetching a premium in the Indian market. Combined with consumer awareness, this can provide the required impetus in the fruits and vegetable value chain – especially retailers and growers – to increase food safety and traceability measures. The NL embassy and FSSAI will continue to work together on this topic. For more information, contact NDE-LNV@minbuza.nl.

HortiTechIndia is a public-private partnership that offers greenhouse solutions for the entire Indian horticulture chain. Our aim is to improve quality and safety, increase yields and the improvement of management. We do so through our approach that is focused on cooperation between government agencies, knowledge institutions and private enterprises.

Together, we develop sustainable horticulture chains by offering high-quality greenhouse products and services. Examplesare: offering seed source and variety, biological alternatives for chemical pesticides and resistant plants, and intelligent greenhouses. Our experienced Dutch greenhouse experts are ready to forge partnerships with Indian counterparts

HortiTechIndia would very much like to engage with:
• Farmer cooperatives
• Private enterprise
• State Governments
• Central Government
• Educational Institutes
• NGO’s

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HortiTech India Partnership can help you make the most of your crop.
These Dutch companies will gladly share their greenhouse cultivation and protected cropping knowledge. They also offer premium-quality seeds and handy training programs to help you obtain a top harvest. From sowing the seed to selling more. They’re ready to help! That’s how you get the best out of your crop. Curious about what Dutch HortiTech Partnership has to offer?