Together we can secure sustainable, profitable potato production

Connecting Dutch knowledge & technology with Indian requirements.

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Collective chain approach

The strength of the Dutch Potato Cluster (DPC) lies in the collective chain approach. The cluster comprises companies ranging from seed potatoes to farm machinery companies to storage specialists. By adapting their knowledge to the specific Indian context the cluster members create a mutually beneficial ‘win-win’ situation.

Our solutions

Chain architecture and management
  • practical, hands-on training, know how and test sites
  • vocational education
  • production system monitoring of the entire chain
  • high quality seed material
  • grading, cooling, sorting, storage, packaging and distribution of potatoes

Why team up?

As an Indian potato producer, you grow a beautiful product: tasty and healthy.
Naturally you aim for a big, appetising harvest that sells well. The companies of the Dutch Hortifruit Partnership can help you make the most of your production as it serves as a bridge between Indian demand and what Holland has to offer.

Why the Dutch?

Holland is the world’s second largest agri-food exporter and four of world’s top 40 foods and beverage companies are Dutch, thanks to its innovative agrifood technology, wealth of agricultural knowledge, fertile soil, intensive farming, quality of produce, and trading expertise.

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